Falling in love with a vampire

I guess being a vampire in love with a girl in real life impossible, unreal events like most of the matches . Of course I ‘ve read the twilight movies I’ve watched like every girl I’ve listened to music . I’m undecided vampire werewolf . I put myself instead of Bella’s . But I always thought it went really new at a school or a vampire if he encounters . I’m sure many girls have no illusion about it . But never something to do if he encounters such a situation would not like Bella . For example, let’s say I’m in love with Edward . I went to investigate why this kid cause cold work together land honey-colored eyes together … blah blah blah and I encountered it so fast results and Edward is a vampire ! So what to do now ? ? First of years ago I do not believe you live a normal life and vampire Edward said she believes the internet . Come on, let’s say I believe that you never go alone into the woods where vampires bite you never know what it will do . Already under normal circumstances, so I go in the woods with a man I barely knew . The second one is shaken so I’m afraid I would leave myself come to love how this beloved town you ‘re willing to eat interesting .. They have reached worldwide success when writing a fiction novel I’m willing to overlook that ultimately everything is as it should be I guess .